Updates and stuff.

I know it’s been forever since I updated but whatever, you guys can handle and I’ve got to live my life or I will have nothing to write about.

Basically everything has changed in the last month – I have been regularly dating a guy who calls me “love” (because he’s English, not because he’s in love with me…I hope), he’s sweet and I like him, but I have nicknamed him Captain Inappropriate because I could not pick a guy with less going for him on paper. Again, fuck it, it’s about time that I spent some time with a guy I like and who says nice things like “you’re well fit”. HA. 

I am no longer coming home for Christmas, for those of you I haven’t told already. It is going to be hard, I am missing a close friend’s wedding and a family Christmas on the farm but it’s bad timing and sometimes you just have to call these things out.

The Baby Business is nearly, finally, at prototype stage so I am spending my spare evenings bent over a work table sticking boxes together, trying to get it done in the next week. My delicate lawyer hands aren’t used to this kind of action, and it’s both frustrating and satisfying but they look bloody fantastic and I’m pretty damned proud. 

I have a job! And it’s good! I am an in-house lawyer at a global insurance broker/consultancy company. Ok so it’s not the stuff dreams are made of but I have had more meetings with clients in the last 3 weeks than I had in a year at my old firm. I know most people hate meetings but I thrive on them. Unless I’m talking to someone or writing this blog I am constantly being distracted. Distracted

I still battle to get through a week of work, but I see it as a step in the right direction. My boss is awesome and has great swagger, the trainees who sit by me are super posh and crack me up when they say things like “I think it’s lazy to switch between French and English in conversation” and “you and I have very different attitudes to food” (when I was describing how much fun it is to eat things that society thinks are ‘wrong’, like 3 day old doughnuts or things from the rubbish bin).

The actual work is like doing a big crossword puzzle, over and over. Which is fine but I have this millennial’s sense of entitlement – crossword puzzles are only one of my many talents. What about my fantastic ability to encourage people to act out of character? What about my need to move my body like a backup dancer for an Iggy Azelea music video? What about how I like doing weirdo things like walking through groups of tourists in the street the wrong way and watching them part in front of me like sheep? Does a normal lawyer like this stuff? If not, does that mean I’m not meant to be a lawyer?

I have to keep reminding myself that I am not meant for anything. I have to take a job that is 70% good and make it 90% good, by networking, by asking questions, by solving the crossword and by being generally kickass. I often dwell on how I should have done something more risky, more creative, more people-oriented but then I think that if that were really in me I would have done it. I am more confident and enjoying this work more than I ever have before, and if that can change in 2 years, what else can change?

Basically everything.

Apart from Monday mornings.


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